RCMP Accredited Digital Fingerprinting Service

  • Heritage College is a RCMP accredited organization. We have the ability to send submissions electronically to the RCMP data base with a streamlined system for managing the security screening and clearance process for company and department security officers, HR specialists, recruitment firms, private companies, immigration lawyers, adoption agencies and volunteer associations.
  • Heritage College offers cutting-edge digital fingerprinting services for fast and reliable results nationwide.
  • We are a state-of-the-art, integrated live scan and card scan solution that is easier to use, compatible with a greater range of hardware, more mobile-friendly, and significantly less costly to operate than comparable offerings. The proprietary ensemble allows the complete fingerprinting process to be managed with unprecedented efficiency, ease, compatibility, mobility, savings and security.

Methods of Payment

  • We accept Visa / MasterCard / Debit / Cash.

What Service We Provide ?

  • Government of Canada Security Clearance

  • Provincial, Municipal and Private Emplyment

  • Record Suspension, Pardon & Application Assistance

  • Permanent Residence/Landed Immigrant Status

  • Canadian Citizenship

  • US Travel Waiver

  • Adoption & Kinship

  • Controlled Goods Program

  • Other Reasons

Identification Required ?

You are required to bring to the appointment (a) 2 Photographic ID or (b) 1 Photographic ID and 1 Government ID.  The identification must not be expired (a Permanent Resident Card is the only ID with an expired date that is acceptable).

  • Photographic ID: Provincial Drivers’ License or Identification Card, Passport, Canadian Citizenship Card, Correction Services Canada Identification Card, Permanent Resident Card, Refugee Protection Claimant Document (Certified), Firearms Acquisition Certificate, Status Indian Card, Military Identification Card, Record of Landing and Nexis Card.
  • Government ID (no photo):  Alberta Health Care Card, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Live Birth, Marriage Certificate, Immigration Papers (includes VALID document issued by CIC with applicant information) and Certificate of Legal Name Change issued in Canada.

Recommendation:  If available, bring your letter or instructions from the company or person requesting you to get a background check (e.g. employer, Citizenship Immigration Canada, licensing agency, etc.).

How Long is the service ?

  • Your first set of fingerprints takes around 20 minutes.
  • Add approximately 10 minutes for each extra set.

Service Fees

-Each digital fingerprinting services fees is $55 plus $25 RCMP fees if applicaple.

-RCMP fees is applied only for the following application types:

  • Employment (Private Industry)
  • Adoption (CDN/International)
  • Employment (Provincial Govt.)
  • Record Suspension Application
  • Name Change

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